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Totally Free Content. We mean it!

We want to show you what our team can do! Send us your product and we’ll create a unique piece of content that fits your branding and is ready to post all over your social media. Choose between a sexy hero video, cocktail video, or 3 flat lay photos and receive your content within 2 weeks or us receiving your product!

Shadow tequila bottle on it's side next to a glass of tequila

What You Get
Choose 1:

Play Video

Label Video

Showcase all the beautiful elements of your bottle – the label design, the texture, the cork seal, you name it.

Play Video

Cocktail Video

Bring your brand’s signature cocktail to life with a setting and elements that immerse you in the lifestyle of your product.

3 Flat Lay Images

Capture your brand’s essence with simplicity and clarity. Each image meticulously arranges your product to highlight its unique features, ensuring it stands out effortlessly.

The Process

📝 Fill Out Form

Fill out our form and tell us a bit about your brand and product. This will let us know everything we need to make your free piece of content.

📦 Send Us Your Juice

Find your nicest looking product, free of any blemishes or defects. Also pay attention to label placement or curling around the edges. The Devil is in the details!

📸 We Get to Work

Once our team gets your product, we get to work and capture the content of your choice.

🤩 Get your content

Once we finish shooting and editing your content, we send the content back to you ready to post anywhere and everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I ship my product?

Securely and safely package your product in a plain box free of any branding and ship it to our address: 1008 Old Tree Ct, Unit B, Nashville, TN 37210. If your company is located locally in Nashville, feel welcome to drop your product off in person, or we can also arrange to meet you at a location!

Note: Local laws surrounding shipping alcohol via mail varies by state, so please double check your local laws for your options. USPS prohibits shipping alcohol via their service, So we recommend using UPS or FedEx.

You can expect your content 15 days after we receive your product at our office.

The short answer is no, the content we provide you is yours to do whatever you wish with! Hustle Media retains copyright to use your content in marketing & social media purposes.

If you are having trouble shipping your product to us, drop us a line and we will work with you to find a way to get it to us!

No. We typically break the seal and open products we shoot to get pouring content or the liquid in a glass. once the product is open, we are not able to ship it back to you. Send us a message if this is a concern of yours!

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