5 ways COVID will change your social media strategy

Hey Hustlers,

Robbie Goldsmith from Hustle Media here. During these trying times, social media is as important as ever. Due to COVID and quarantine, lots of business owners are scratching their heads wondering what to do next…. Here are 5 things you should assess during the pandemic regarding your social media and digital strategy. Don’t want to deal with it? You can always EMAIL me!

1. Safety And Transparency

First and foremost, it’s important for us to build trust with our audience, so using social media to reassure them that your business is doing everything it can to ensure all safety and social distancing protocols are being followed should be #1 priority.

2. Online Sales

Now more than ever, businesses need alternate ways to create revenue. If you haven’t yet, building an efficient online store that can be used during times like this is a MUST! With Facebook and Instagram rolling out new shopping tools, please put this at the top of your quarantine TO-DO list!

3. Building An Actual Social Community 

One of THE MOST UNDERRATED things we can do with our social media is to build an actual community. Why do most not do it? Because it is hard. It takes dedication and time to build (and connect with) an online community. BUT, this type of back and forth communication with our audience will pay 10x dividends in the long run when you do not have to rely on paid marketing dollars to reach the audience that loves you.

4. Reset And Relax 

This is a trying time for everyone. It’s OK to not be OK. Quarantine is a great time to step back, look at your business from a different perspective and decide how you want to tackle the world after this pandemic. You DO NOT have to be posting on social media just to post. We live in such a go, go, go world that this could be the perfect opportunity to reset and relax.

5. To Go, Virtual, And Pivoting

Compounding on top of the onlines sales (point #2 above), we are in the world of pivots. Adding online stores, to go options, delivery, pre-sales, virtual classes and other pivot options could be the next key to unlocking a future business model and revenue stream. Throw some things to the wall and see what sticks!

I hope everyone finds success in these trying times, and if not….relax….it’s just business.

Robbie Goldsmith

CEO/Hustle Media

[email protected]


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